I Hope He Loves You

I Hope You Find Someone Who Appreciates You

‪ ‬
‪I hope he comforts you during your wretchedness. When you are frail and you feel like your world is about to collapse‬.

‪I hope he sees the light in your eyes when you gaze at him; the way my eyes lit up when I looked at you.‬

‪I hope he holds your hand when you feel cold. Or when you are anxious. Or just simply hold your hand because he doesn’t want to let you go.‬

‪I hope he closes his eyes when he kisses you. Feel the magic in your lips and gallop in spark with every breath you make.‬

‪I hope he tells you goodnight. Ask how your day was and not let you sleep knowing you feel unwanted.‬

‪I hope he checks on you when you are alone. When you feel lonely and when you feel no one is around to give you warmth.‬

‪I hope he wipes your tears away. Choose you without dividing your good parts and your ugly ones. Choose you every single day.‬

‪I hope he appreciates you. The kind of person that you are. Because you are more than enough.‬
‪I hope he knows how to listen. When you are in a bad mood and would just like to rant. Lend an ear and assure you everything will be all right.‬

‪I hope he makes time for you. Put an effort to include you in his list of priorities. That he would actually go out of his way just to spend a moment with you and make sure you’re fine.‬

‪I hope he stays when times get rough. When it’s not only convenient. Because he really wants you in his life.‬

‪I hope he understands that you are flawed. You may be imperfect and needy at times, but you are so worthy of love because you give so much of it, too.‬

‪I hope he helps you understand yourself. Help you find answers to your “why’s” and actually enjoy every minute of it without having to make you feel like it’s a chore.‬

‪I hope he feels your excitement when you talk about him. Like the sun rises and sets in his eyes. Like he is the only thing that matters to you.‬

‪I hope he loves you exactly just the way you are. Not just because you are breathtakingly beautiful, but because you are you… Because I always loved you, but now I’m gone and I don’t expect you to hold on forever but please know how much I loved you. 



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